The Gift of Giving

We are inviting 100 individuals to become “Friends of the New Free Store” to support and sustain our organization with an annual

gift of $100.

Why We Need Support

  • The yearly operating budget of rent and utilities, our highest expenditure, extends beyond our current financial means.
  • Our household cleaning and hygiene products are consistently in high demand and re-stocked monthly.
  • The on-going fundraising efforts of our volunteers cannot meet our modest operating expenses.

The Call to Action

  • To properly budget, we need yearly benefactors that we can count on.
  • We are looking for 100 people to donate $100 annually or we welcome donations in smaller increments throughout the year.

  • Your gift can be mailed to: The New Free Store at 1420 M28 East, Marquette, MI 49855. Checks payable to: "The New Free Store"
  • Please include your e-mail address to receive the New Free Store updates and newsletters.

Current Friends of the New Free Store

Thank you to the following donors who have responded to our call to action:

Keith & Debbie Abraham

Darlene and David Allen

Carolyn Anderson

Gail & Bob Anthony

Jayme Bell

Virginia Bell

Linda Berry

Benjamin & Marcia Bohnsack

Blanche Brown

Larry & Nancy Buege

Jill & Doug Carter

Marie Chilman

Barb Contois

Sandra Eisele

Lynn & Lon Emerick

Ann & Bill Fisher

Maria Frantz

Warren & Kathy Geier

Anne Hanna

Connie Hedmark

Margaret Jensen

Mark & Kathryn Johnson

Laura & Kim Kelly

Darley Kempainen

Ron & Ellen Krieg

Joanna Mitchell

Marisa Lackey

Joanna Mitchell

Patti Nicholson

David & Jackie Otis

Nancy Owens

Doug & Karla Patterson

Sandy & Barry Perlman

Judith Quirk

Katie Reader

Niki & Charlie Richardson

Karen & Rob Schmitt

Susan & Brian Sheridan

Kathy & Robert Sromalski

Mary & Don Snitgen

Kate Steele

MaryBeth & Hampton Waring

Phil & Annette Watts

Charlie & Margie West

Charlene Worden

Gayle VanOsdol