You are important to us.

We have been thrilled to see meet so many neighbors and reconnect with old shoppere

If you are in need of our services, come see us during our regularly scheduled Shopper's Hours.

Below are some common questions shoppers ask.

Who can shop?

We aim to assist anyone who is feeling a financial burden. If you are feeling in need of anything we have to offer, we invite you to come in! You will fill out a simple registration form (1 per household) and then be given the tour! It's that easy!

How much can I take and why?

Weekly and monthly Shoppers Limits are based on household size. We are revising our chart and it will be available RIGHT HERE soon. We do this so that we can serve as many households as possible. If you have any special needs, our board will consider them. These requests will be provided in writing on a short form available soon, here on the website, or at the store. We can help you fill out this short form when you visit us. In some cases, but not all, our volunteers will grant a one time change to your monthly quota until the board meets. This will typically be for medical needs.

How do I shop?

When you come in during Shoppers Hours, we will pull your file. We will look at what you have received already this month so you have an idea of what you're looking for during this visit. Once you have finished shopping the store, you will get in the check out line. In the check out line, we simple "check" off the items you received. This is important as we are solely a volunteer and donation based project. Keeping a record of how much comes in and out is crucial for sustaining this project.

As our store space is small, there may be times where it is necessary for some families to wait for their turn outside. The amount of families permitted to shop at a given time is at volunteer discretion. Please be respectful of everyone's time and needs.

When can I shop?

The NFS holds Shoppers Hours the first 3 Wednesdays afternoons (12-4 PM) of the month and the fourth Monday evening (6-8 PM).

NEW: Please note that the store closes at 4PM on Wednesdays. If you arrive after 3:45 PM you will only be permitted to take any cleaning and hygiene supplies that you are eligible for at that visit. Thank you for understanding.

How can I give back to the store?

Our shoppers are kind and grateful, always looking for a way to give back. There are many! If you receive hygiene or cleaning supplies you will not use and are unopened, you can bring those in. You can also bring in gently used clothing and linens. Collection of Econo Foods receipts is especially helpful as well as helping spread the word about us! Many of our shoppers also help during volunteer hours. Consider serving on our Board of Directors as a shopper representative. Like us on Facebook and share important information to your family and friends.